Energy Conservation

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1. Dry your clothes in the _____ instead of using a tumble dryer.

2. _____ your devices when not in use. Many appliances continue to draw power even when they are switched off.

3. Set the air conditioner _____ to around 24oC to 25oC in the summer and on auto mode.

4. Record your electricity and water _____ readings in mornings and evenings, to help you monitor and reduce your daily consumption.

5. When buying appliances check that they are _____ efficient.

6. Use natural _____ whenever possible.

7. Use _____ water to wash your clothes and avoid hot water whenever possible.

8. Use _____ cookers for foods that take a long time to cook.

9. Select the _____ wash option for washing dishes.

10. Unplug your phone and laptop when fully _____