Exercise & Nutrition

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1. We all experience low energy levels but we can control that through a variety of physical _________ that suit us.

2. __________ exercises are known to reduce anxiety and depression.

3. __________ is known to have several benefits

4. The word __________ is derived from the Sanskrit root 'Yuj’

5. Walk or use __________ to cover short distances.

6. Practice unity in thought, word and __________ and conserve your physical, mental and spiritual


7. One billion people go hungry every day, but __________ now consumes the majority of the world’s crops.

8. Try single-serving size foods to help your body learn what an appropriate __________ size is.

9. ___________ is anything we take in through our 5 senses.

10. Animals that are bred for meat, egg and dairy emit __________ and other greenhouse gases.